January 16, 2022

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Death of Sarah Everett: Life sentence for a police officer

This is the court case that hit the headlines in the UK! Wayne CousinsA 48-year-old police officer was sentenced to life in prison on Thursday, September 30, 2021, for rape and murder. Sarah Evert (33 years). As a reminder, in early March 2021, Sarah Evard was the victim of a misdemeanor arrest by a police officer, who – claiming it was a prison violation – then handcuffed, raped, strangled and then burned her in a forest in Kent.

During the trial, Judge Adrian Fulford specifically stated: “Especially brutal situations“Murder mentions Wayne Cousins ​​is gone”Chasing a woman alone ” For the sole purpose of “Kidnape her and rape her“But after assuring investigators”Given“The victim was alive to three men from Eastern Europe, after which the accused pleaded guilty to full responsibility in the case, finally confessing to the abduction, rape and murder of a young woman.

He fell through the cracks of the web

On Wednesday, September 29, attorney Tom Little, Mr. Cousins ​​explained that he showed her his business card and then handcuffed the young woman who was walking home after dinner with friends. There is also an unbearable functional pattern in the victim’s mother’s eyes. “I was angry that he played as a cop to get what he wanted“, She said angrily.

Thanks to video surveillance footage, investigators were able to identify and arrest the policeman at his home in Deal on March 9th. But after he was arrested, they discovered he already had a criminal record, especially in the exhibition case that was identified a few days before Sarah Evert’s murder. In this regard, Keer Stormer (leader of the Labor Party and former director of the Office of the Attorney General of England and Wales) has also questioned radio. LBC How did the policeman do it? “Go through the cracks“.

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