March 1, 2021

Defensive Errors Prize First leg win over Liverpool Leipzig

The German side made a couple of costly mistakes in the second half of Tuesday’s 16th game.

R.P. in the last-16 first-quarter match of the Champions League against Liverpool. Things were going well for Leipzig – until just before the hour mark, viz.

After tying the Premier League team to a scoreless draw in the first 57 minutes of play on Tuesday, the Red Bulls threw away all the good work they had achieved with two terrible cuffs in the space of five minutes to give Liverpool a 2-0 victory.

Passengers coming from the United Kingdom played in Hungary’s Puskas arena due to Germany’s COVID-19 restrictions, with teams not having the obvious best side of the match until goals are reached as they effectively cancel each other out. However, the first abuse in the 58th minute was played directly by Mohamed Salah instead of the back pass for Leipzig defender Lucas Closterman, who was at the top of the penalty area, when he praised an assistant Peter Gulaksi for putting a stop to it.

Five minutes later, another costly error led directly to the Liverpool goal as Nordi Mugiel triggered a relatively easy clearance attempt to allow a 30-yard break in the net by Sadie Mane Kulasi. Mane placed the ball easily behind the Leipzig keeper so that Mugiel was still on the ground after a fruitless swing of the ball.

The rest of the match went on like most of the opening time, with little between the sides. Liverpool won the game and set a return call at Anfield on March 10, in which the English champions will receive two important goal advantage.