January 17, 2021

Delhi is secretive: others in one place

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December 22, 2020 2:44:04 AM

Mamta Banerjee

Congress chief ministers Bhupathi Bagel, Amarinder Singh and Ashok Kehlot are reportedly planning to hold a rally in support of their West Bengal rival Mamata Banerjee in her fight against the Center over the transfer of police officers. NCP leader Sharad Pawar and DMK leader MK Stalin will put the party in big trouble. The Congress is all set to hold the Trinamool Congress along with the Left parties in next year’s West Bengal assembly elections. As Congress continues to attack the Center over federalism, Banerjee signals that he will use it as an issue in the Assembly elections. Banerjee will approach the Congress and see how the Congress responds. The CPI (M), the voter of federalism, is also conducting a study. The Congress and the Left do not want to be without a group of opposition parties against the BJP.

No plane, no danger

The new strain of the corona virus novel in the United Kingdom has raised concerns and questions have been raised about the possibility of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson coming to India next month for Republic Day, as it has prompted India to suspend flights from the UK at this time. Celebrations as Chief Guest. But British Foreign Secretary Tariq Ahmed, who is in the Foreign Office, tweeted on Monday that British Foreign Secretary (equivalent to the Foreign Minister) Dominic Robb had visited last week. He added, “Next month is an important trip that will lay the foundation for Johnson’s arrival. Rob is absolutely right – we want a stronger relationship with India as part of our mission in the Indo-Pacific region. He tweeted, quoting a video of Robin talking about his visit to India.

The Vedas in Science

The India International Science Festival, which begins on Wednesday, will include sessions on Indian history to combine lectures on scientific and technological advances made in ancient India during the Vedic period. This is the first time such a subject has been featured in a science festival that focuses primarily on science subjects.

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