April 18, 2021

Delhi Secret: Being in touch

When BJP chief ministers visit the party headquarters in Delhi, it is mainly to meet the party leader or senior leaders. It is rare to set aside time for staff in the party office. But when Tripura Chief Minister Biplob Kumar Deb went to the BJP headquarters on Friday to meet party chief JP Natta, he made it a point to go upstairs to meet staff as well. Depp recently lamented the BJP leadership for unilaterally convening a public meeting to seek a people’s mandate on whether he should continue in office in the face of serious separatism in the state party faction. He had to stop the meeting after the national leadership intervened.

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BJP leader JP Natta, who returned to work after fighting Govind, seems to be having a hectic time. Nada returned to Delhi on Thursday evening after spending three days in Ahmedabad for an RSS meeting. On Friday, he held meetings with state leaders from Rajasthan and Maharashtra on booth strengthening and coordination. Nada discussed strengthening the system with Rajasthan leaders when the party’s electoral setback in last month’s council elections for graduate and teacher constituencies in Maharashtra came up for discussion with leaders from that state. On Saturday, the party leader will vote for West Bengal. He will resume his 120-day national tour next week, visiting Assam on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Punjab Congress leader Sunil Jagar said a few days ago that he was not happy that many senior AICC leaders had not met the party MPs from the state who were sitting in Dharna at Jantar Mantar in solidarity with the protesting farmers. KC Venugopal, Pawan Kumar Bansal, party MP Congress leaders, including Manik Tagore, later visited the Jantar Mantar and met at a support event. On Friday, MPs held a meeting with Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. She did not go to Jantar Mantar. MPs – among them Ravneet Singh Pittu, Jasbir Singh Gill and Gurjeet Singh Ajla – met Priyanka at her residence. And promoted the AICC meeting.