April 18, 2021

Delhi secret: change in the air

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December 17, 2020 2:10:40 AM

Sonia Gandhi

The defeat of the Congress in the recent elections in several states has prompted the Sonia Gandhi-led party to consider making organizational changes in these states. In the Gujarat Assembly by-elections, the party lost all eight matches. Sources said the party was thinking of replacing both the state Congress president and the CLP leader. Similarly, the leader of the Telangana faction of the Congress is set to be replaced after a bitter defeat in the Greater Hyderabad municipal elections. One asks if the party is also ready to nominate a new president for the Mumbai Regional Congress Committee. The campaign for positions has begun in all these states.

Locking deaths

At a meeting of the Railway Standing Committee, MPs from both sides of the political divide questioned the National Transporter about the death toll from the lockout of Govt-19. Although the number of people who died during the operation of the Shramik Specials was known through parliamentary questions in the last session, some MPs have so far raised the issue of about 700 railway employees dying from the epidemic. Some MPs said they had told the railway committee that jobs would be provided on compassionate grounds to the next of kin of the deceased.


With the Electoral College finally voting in favor of US President-elect Joe Biden, US President Donald Trump has only one day left in the White House. U.S. Ambassador to India Ken Juster, the Trump administration’s political appointee, received his first farewell call on Wednesday from a think tank. The US-India Strategic Joint Forum held a virtual farewell on Wednesday and thanked him for strengthening his leadership and bilateral relations. Juster also thanked them for being an excellent partner in improving the US-India economic relationship.

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