March 1, 2021

Delhi Secret: Chocolate Treat | Delhi Secret News, The Indian Express

Govt restrictions do not seem to be coming in the way of friendly gestures by some MPs. NCP MP Supriya Sule treats members sitting next to her with sweets or nipples. He will carry sweet and sour candies in his bag and deliver them when opposition MPs raise slogans. On Friday, during the break he opened a pocket of chocolate candy and distributed it among the MPs. The MPs sitting in the back of the house also came to him to get something.

Important move

The party has appointed Nana Patel as the head of the Maharashtra Congress faction and announced the formation of a 37-member state parliamentary committee. Congress has not set up a parliamentary committee in any state in recent times. The revival of the Central Parliamentary Board was one of the key demands of the group of senior leaders who had written a letter to party leader Sonia Gandhi.

Wait for success

Appointments of new Vice Chancellors (V-Cs) to Central Universities are very slow. Recently, the Ministry of Education inaugurated the JNU VCM. This week, it happened again. On Monday, the VC of Central University in Motihari said,