January 17, 2021

Delhi Secret: Govt Gibe | Delhi Secret News, The Indian Express

Even if the election period continues in Bengal and the TMC and BJP attack each other, it seems that even political talks will not escape Kovil. Many zips are thrown at each other using the cov as an analogy. Recently, Abhishek Banerjee (above) said in a note about a self-styled officer who left the party to join the BJP, that the party had detected the “govt” virus within the party, which carries out “asymptomatic” carriers and acts of sabotage. From inside the party.

Peace of mind for parents

This is a special weekend for Ayushman Bharat CEO Dr. Indu Bhushan. Her daughter Ambika Bhushan, who is a doctor in the United States, received the Govt-19 vaccine on Saturday. Ambika Kovit has been on duty since the outbreak of the epidemic. Sharing personal messages, he said he felt “proud and relieved”. Bhushan, a bureaucratic economist, has two daughters, Devika and Ambika, both medical doctors and immigrants to the United States.

Setting examples

At the recent India International Science Festival, Central Roads and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari set his own example when talking about sustainable development, including the need to incorporate sustainable living into our own lives. He said his home was equipped with a compost pit and a large kitchen garden. Now the food cooked for his family was cooked from vegetables from this kitchen garden – a feat he gave to actor Amitabh Bachchan. Bachchan seems to have followed in the minister’s footsteps and now has a kitchen garden of his own.