February 25, 2021

Delhi Secret: Losing Cool | Delhi Secret News, The Indian Express

Speaker OM Birla has been lauded for giving opportunities to speak from opposition benches in the past and for his efforts to take everyone. He rarely loses his temper, but on Wednesday he resigned as Aam Aadmi Party MP. Bhagwant called out to Mani, “Sub.” Deer Speaker, one of the first opposition MPs to rush to the well to protest the government’s handling of the farmers ’struggle, warned. After the first adjournment, when the congregation reconvened, Deer came to the center of the congregation and began chanting. When the speaker angrily said “sub”, BJP MPs knocked on the table.


While Rihanna and Greta Dunberg made headlines in India for commenting in support of farmers’ demonstrations, another international figure received a warm compliment from Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday. Former cricket star Kevin Pietersen has responded to a tweet by External Affairs Minister S. Jaisankar about India’s vaccine landing in Johannesburg, South Africa. Peterson wrote: “Indian generosity and compassion are growing more and more every day. Dear country! A day later, Modi replied: “Glad to see your affection for India. 🙂 We believe the world is our family and we want to play our part in strengthening the fight against Govt-19. ”

Iran relations

Following a small bomb blast outside the Israeli embassy in Delhi, Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hadami met with Defense Minister Rajnath Singh in Bangalore ahead of a meeting of Indian Ocean defense ministers. Congratulating Hatami, Singh presented him with a Kashmiri Pashmina shawl. Iran was among the few countries that publicly criticized the repeal of Section 370 in August 2019.