March 1, 2021

Delhi secret: ‘other’ side meeting

A few days after he was censored by his party, CBI chief Kanhaiya Kumar from Bihar met senior JDU activist and state minister Ashok Chaudhary and caused a political uproar. According to people close to him, Kanhaiya met Chaudhry on Sunday to discuss some issues related to Bihar. The former JNU student body president remained silent on political speculation. In fact, some of his colleagues from student political days are already upset with him for not showing the opposition of the peasants. Many leftist leaders visited the protest sites in solidarity with the peasantry.

Watching the Old Times

The progress of epidemics in Delhi seems to have brought normalcy to the functioning of government offices, and has made the secretariats of both the Lok Sabha and the state legislatures think of returning to the pre-corona virus normalcy. In the second half of the budget session the two chief executives are expected to discuss the possibility of operating houses in general. “We can’t say it will function normally after the break, but we will discuss the possibility,” says one source. On the last day of the first half of the session, Speaker Om Birla pointed out that during the session no member tested positive in favor of Govt-19. Although nearly 400 people tested positive during the rainy season session, less than five staff were tested in the first session in progress.

Inspiring memory

As the United States celebrated “President’s Day” on Monday, US Secretary of State Donald L. Heflin called on U.S. President F.D. Roosevelt said he has always encouraged himself. Roosevelt led the United States out of the Great Depression and led the country in World War II. “He also supported India’s journey to independence,” he tweeted, adding that the Roosevelt House, the home of the US ambassador, was named after him and that his bust was sitting at the entrance.