January 16, 2022

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Demonstration demanding the removal of Brazilian President Bolzano

At the call of left-wing movements and parties, tens of thousands of Brazilians protested in several cities across the country on Saturday, demanding the removal of far-right President Jair Bolzano and condemning the rising cost of living.

“The most important meetings were held at the invitation of Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo or Brasilia.”Outside the Bolsanaro national campaign2, supported by a dozen left-wing parties and several central unions. While calls for these demonstrations have been launched in 167 cities across the country, the number of Brazilian newspapers indicates that rallies have been held in 60 cities, including 20 and 14 regional capitals in 27 Brazilian states.

Some right-wing and center-right leaders took their places in the rallies and denounced the consequences of the country’s economic crisis, although there was no need to support the call for indictment. In the central Candelaria district of Rio de Janeiro, hundreds of people marched shoutingBolzano Dehorse2, the slogan is engraved on many banners.

We are going to publish it, and the bet of the people here is to put pressure on the parliamentarians to remove Bolzano.Elizabeth Simos, a 69-year-old retired teacher, told AFP. More than a hundred petitions seeking this dismissal are pending in the House, but its chairman, Arthur Lira, a government ally, has not complied.

The Supreme Court has also ordered the launch of several investigations against Jair Bolzano and his relatives, especially for spreading false information. In Sao Paulo, tens of thousands of people gathered in the afternoon on Central Paulista Avenue, where potential presidential candidates such as Central Labor Party (PDT) leader Siro Gomes gathered. Third place in 2018. In Brasilia, hundreds of protesters gathered. In Esplanade des Ministries.

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People are hungry

Earlier protests, led by left-wing movements, aimed to oust Bolzano for his chaotic handling of the epidemic, which killed nearly 600,000 people. Complaints against the rise in food, gas and fuel prices and the 14.1 million unemployed were also heard on Saturday.

The people are hungry and we can no longer support this governmentIsadora, 22, told Lesa Rio. “Let him know that he is not unanimous and that it will be difficult for him to be re-elected. If he is not charged, he will lose the 2022 election“Marcelo Verneck wanted to pay tribute to the streets in Rio”Friends and familyDeaths from Govt-19.

A poll conducted by Datafolha in mid-September, a year before the presidential election, gave Lula 26% to the far-right 26% in the first round against 44%. Many red flags of the Labor Party (PT) of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (2003-2010) were seen, and with many left and center organizations, Brazilian flags have traditionally dominated the march. To the President.

On September 7, rallies in Brasilia and Sao Paulo rallied 125,000 supporters of Jair Bolsanaro. More than the Left was able to unite in the two regional capitals this Saturday.