January 19, 2022

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Distrust of the Martinique vaccine is the result of the chlordecon scandal

How to explain the lowest vaccination rate in Martinique? The islander has been living in prison for three days The hospital is overflowing With more than 140 Govt beds hurriedly opening and the incidence rate skyrocketing, only 16% of Martinique have full vaccine coverage, 21% of whom have received a single dose and the trend is unlikely to improve. At the hospital, the majority of the 3,600 nursing staff at CHU were unprotected. Tensions are running high between hospital staff refusing the vaccine and doctors trying to persuade them.

Like 80% of hospital staff, Tanya refuses to be vaccinated. “I don’t want to do something I don’t know. If I do not want to, I do not want, Period “, She hammered. This medical secretary is especially afraid of side effects. “Who tells you that if I get vaccinated, I will not die ?, She worries, I saw a video where a woman got herself vaccinated and said there were a lot of side effects. There are a lot! ”

A witness who openly consulted him on the internet, Instagram, Facebook and other social networks. In addition, like many martinics, Tania is an alternative to the vaccine: Virabic, a bitter syrup made from a local plant, and according to his bodyguards, will allow vaccination against Govt-19. “I took it and thanked God, I didn’t have a govt until nowShe welcomes, And even for the sick: when they take it, they heal faster.

At the hospital, the debate is tense. 90% of them are doctors who have been vaccinated and are blamed by proselytizing unions. Professor Andre Seplers and Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases of CHQ. He admitted trying to persuade colleagues to inject, but was unsuccessful. Public mistrust arises in part from past health scandals, especially chlordecon, a pesticide used to protect bananas and it has poisoned West Indian soil. “There is disbelief in what is coming OfficersHe analyzes, This new vaccine is based on new technology, which was developed very quickly and comes from the United States and drug groups … “

“We read a lot about it on social media: the Martinique are afraid that this new vaccine will poison people again.”

Professor Andre Seplers


To understand the reasons for this distrust, the regional health agency launched a major online survey. Must be familiar with the results at the beginning of the school year.

At Martinique, distrust of the Govt-19 vaccine: Thibault Lefebvre’s report

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