January 19, 2022

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Dixie Fire is the second largest fire in California history

There were California officials Without the message of three more people after the terrible Dixie Fire has passed, Sunday, August 8 became the second largest fire in state history.

The Blooms County Sheriff’s Office was still without news of the three men in Greenville, where more than 180,000 acres were set on fire in a market town. State Governor Gavin Newsom visited the city ruins this weekend “Deep thanks” In the tireless work of firefighters.

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The fire has only been growing since mid-July, triggered by heat, dangerous drought and continuous winds.

Advancing on very steep paths, three firefighters were injured during the operation. Thousands of people fled the area, and many took refuge in makeshift camps – even in tents – not knowing if their homes had caught fire. Some 370 structures (houses and other buildings) have already been demolished. Despite repeated eviction orders from the authorities, some continue to set themselves on fire for fear of not handing over their security to strangers.

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5,000 firefighters

Wildfires are common in California – so locals sometimes wonder what’s on fire. But due to climate change, this summer has been particularly violent. A golf course with yellow grass, boats swimming in a lake that is only a shadow … In the region, there are signs of drought that eat away at the flames everywhere.

The mild weather this weekend has 5,000 firefighters fighting the fire day and night, which is already bigger than the city of Los Angeles. But warmer temperatures are expected in the middle of the week and firefighters hope the fire, which started on July 13, will not be extinguished permanently until August 20.

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According to preliminary investigations, the fire was caused by a tree falling on one of the thousands of power cables crossing the U.S. mainland. The power line is just a few kilometers away from the Pacific Gas & Company (PG&E), the culprit who already caused the campfire, which almost wiped the city of Paradise off the map and killed 86 people.

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