January 16, 2022

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Donald Trump has sued Facebook, Twitter, Google and their leaders

The former president opposes being evicted from social networks by the Capitol storm, referring to it as an “illegal audit”.

It has been six months since Donald Trump was temporarily or permanently banned from major social networks. A permit for Democratic candidate Joe Biden following the January 6 attack on Capitol by his supporters for refusing to acknowledge his defeat in the presidential election. Prior to the ban, Donald Trump had nearly 89 million followers on Twitter, 35 million on Facebook and 24 million on Instagram.

On Wednesday, the former president of the United States announced that he had lodged a complaint against Facebook, Twitter and Google and their respective leaders, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and Sunder Pichai in Florida. He accuses her of being a liabilityIllegal and unconstitutional censorshipBy expelling him from their sites.

The complaint takes the form of a joint action by the First Policy Institute of America, a non-profit organization formed in April to defend Donald Trump’s political thesis. “We call on South Florida District Federal Court to immediately decide on illegal and shameful censorship by social media groups targeting Americans“, He explained.”We (…) demand the end of compulsory m.

«There is no better proof than this that Big Tech is not in control, they have banned the President of the United States from office.On their platforms, he scored. “If they can do it for me, they can do it for anyone. Other than that is what they do“, He gave voice to the citizens who claim to be victims of the ban.”We are in a struggle to win2, he promised.

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Two-year suspension on Facebook

Throughout his presidency, Donald Trump and his supporters have developed a thesis that progressive California-based social networks operate to silence conservative rhetoric. A theory that does not stand with facts: On Facebook, the most popular pages and groups in the United States are driven by hard right-wing figures. Social media was also incensed by the Democrats’ criticism, believing themselves to be the cause of the spread of populist and hate speech.

Donald Trump banned it from social media in January Different reactions On both sides of the Atlantic, relief and uneasiness in the face of technology companies capable of cutting off the microphone of a political leader.

Facebook has decided to return to its oversight board Find out if he should regain access to Donald Trump. This independent organization returned the social network to its responsibilities, By asking him to decide between a definite deletion of the account or suspension for a specified period of time.

Facebook finally made the choice last month For a two-year suspension, It could be extended if experts believe that Donald Trump’s return to the social network is risky. Immediately, the former president condemned. “A shameTo its 75 million voters. “Facebook should not be allowed to leave with this censorship and confusionHe was intimidated.