January 16, 2022

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Emmanuel Macron announces that “there are more evictions in Afghanistan these days”

In France, the head of state stated that the first condition for recognizing the Taliban was “to allow humanitarian action to continue.”

After the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan, the exodus of Franco-Afghanistan and Afghanistan continues. This is what Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday France Inter On the occasion of the special day organized by the radio and dedicated to the women of Afghanistan. “Today, on a small scale, we expelled many nationalities (…) via Doha, in order to protect them, The President explained.

If their number is “Very low“That’s important”When the Kabul airport opened“, It exists”A contractThis allows countries to continue deportation. “We are cooperating so we can take more people out through the border countries“, The head of state said.

Conversation and Terms

The President noted that Afghanistan would be on the menu for the next meeting of the G20 states on October 12. “We must have a clear message that sets our conditions for recognizing the Taliban“, He explained before mentioning the following”Humanitarian operationsThe first condition for this possible recognition.

Another very important issue for the G20 countries: respect for gender equality. Until young Afghan girls can return to school, Islamic rule will not be recognized by France. “It means we tell them (the Taliban).vYou must provide a future for young women in your country, one of the things we look at before we recognize you ‘», The President of the Republic announced

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We have to face the situation, it is terrible for women in Afghanistan today (…) [en] In recent years education, art (…) and many others who have seen the door closing abruptly», He lamented.

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