January 19, 2022

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England expelled 306 British and 2,052 Afghans

Dedicated to the crisis ahead of the extraordinary session of parliament The return of the Taliban In power
In AfghanistanBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Wednesday that the UK had expelled 306 Britons and 2,052 Afghans.

“So far we have safely repatriated 306 British nationals and 2,052 Afghans,” the Conservative leader said.

A device to welcome 20,000 Afghans

The British government on Tuesday evening announced the launch of a new device that will accommodate 20,000 Afghan refugees “for a long time”, including 5,000 in its first year. We are indebted to everyone who has worked with us for the past 20 years to make Afghanistan a better place. Many of them, especially women, urgently need our help now, ”he said Prime Minister Boris Johnson In the press release of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Boris Johnson does not mention when he welcomed 20,000 Afghans, but simply mentions it as “long-term”, but was inspired by a project designed for Syrian refugees that allowed 20,000 Syrian refugees to settle in seven years. 2014 to 2021. This is similar to the ARAP program for Afghan staff employed by the United Kingdom, as interpreters. According to government figures, 2,000 Afghans and their families have arrived in the UK since June 22 under the ARAP program, which is expected to allow 5,000 former Afghan workers to settle in the UK by the end of the year.

Taliban “determined by actions, not words”

He said he was proud that the UK had set up this path to help them and their families live safely in the UK. The head of government will present the new device on Wednesday morning to delegates who have reduced their summer vacation to discuss it in the General Assembly. Faced with the rapid deterioration of the situation, criticisms were raised about managing the crisis, including Boris Johnson’s conservative factions.

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The British Prime Minister warned that the Taliban would be “determined by deeds, not words”. “We will judge this regime by its choices and its actions, rather than its words – on terrorism, crime and drug dealing, as well as on human rights and the right of women.” The conservative leader told MPs.