December 8, 2021

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Eric Adams, an African-American, was elected mayor of New York

Eric Adams, an African-American, former police officer and anti-racist unionist, has been elected mayor of New York, the Associated Press (AP) announced on Tuesday evening, November 2, following which most major American media, based on preliminary results.

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The 61-year-old Democrat, who was elected according to the first results released by the New York election office, defeated his Republican rival Curtis Sliva (67). He became the second black mayor in the history of American economic and cultural capital.

“It’s a dream come true and I can not be proud to represent this city that we all love,” he said. He tweeted after learning of his success.

Eric Adams won the Republican primary this summer after a defense-centric campaign. Second, his experience as a former police officer greatly protected him from the attacks of his Republican opponent, Curtis Sliva.

Who was beaten by police as a teenager

Eric Adams relied heavily on his personal journey during the campaign. He said he was attacked by police when he was a teenager. When he later became a police officer, he had no hesitation in criticizing the company, supporting black agents, and condemning injustices.

However, in the wake of the protest movement following the death of George Floyd, he did not support the proposals coming from the Democratic Left, calling for the transfer of some of the grants allocated to the police to social programs. On the roots of crime.

He was far removed from the reports of Alexandria Oaxacio-Cortes, a museum of the American left.

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