January 17, 2021

Expect 3 more days of rain in Delhi

It rained in Delhi and NCR on Sunday morning, with daytime temperatures dropping with strong winds and thunderstorms.

It rained 40mm between Saturday and Sunday night, with the heaviest rainfall since at least January 2009. The minimum temperature was 9.9 degrees Celsius, three degrees above normal, observed through a thick cloud cover at night.

Within the city, the highest rainfall at Lodhi Road Laboratory – 42.2 mm. This was followed by 29.3 mm at Ayanagar and 23.7 mm at the bridge. January received the heaviest rainfall of 116.8 mm in 24 hours on January 28, 1885.

Meanwhile, the maximum temperature dropped to 15.8 degrees Celsius, four degrees above normal. Wind speeds are generally lower in winter, and are taken in the early morning, increasing cooling.

According to IMD officials, Delhi is expected to receive three more days of rain, followed by hail and thunderstorms on Monday. By Wednesday, the impact of westerly disturbances in the region is expected to begin to subside, with only light rain expected during the day, after which the sky is expected to clear, leading to another spell of morning fog.

“An active western disturbance that brought heavy rainfall and snowfall in Himachal Pradesh has led to heavy rainfall in Delhi. Last week the city witnessed a long cold wave which broke due to western disruption. The early morning (minimum) temperature has risen but the days have cooled. It is expected to cool again in the morning and fog is expected on Thursday and Friday, ”said a senior MET official.

Heavy rains caused water to stagnate in many parts of the city, and there were a few complaints that trees had fallen.

The Delhi Fire Brigade rescued two people trapped inside a lorry after the underpass in Bull Prahladpur sank.