December 8, 2021

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Facebook was questioned by a new whistleblower

Here’s Facebook rubbing in with a new whistle blower. According to an article, a former employee of a social network was accused of making a profit before changing problematic content Washington Post Released Friday, October 22nd. Revelations a few weeks after its former engineer Francis Hogen Gan.

Report: The article is reserved for our subscribers Before the US Congress, a whistleblower should compare Facebook to the “tobacco industry” and regulate it

According to the American daily, he is a former member of the Facebook group responsible for the civic integrity of this second whistleblower site. He submitted a report to the Stock Exchange Commission SEC.

In this document, the group’s former employee describes specific comments in 2017, when the company decided through its platform the best way to manage the controversy surrounding Russia’s interference in the 2016 US presidential election.

“It will be a spark in the pan. The elected officials will mourn. And in a few weeks, they will be gone. In the meantime, we are printing money in the basement, everything is fine.”, Said Tucker Pounds, then a member of Facebook’s liaison team.

Two witnesses going in the same direction

He signed the statement on October 13, a week after Francis Hagen’s convincing testimony before the US Congress.

This is described by a former Facebook computer scientist“Heroine” By a Democratic Senator, California Committee Leaders, led by Mark Zuckerberg, “Fund their profits with our security”.

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She had leaked before The Wall Street Journal Internal documents shed new light on known abuses of social networks, psychological problems of teenage girls exposed more to lives and bodies “Perfect” Influencers on Instagram.

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As stated in it Washington Post, The new person’s SEC report confirms that Facebook managers routinely undermine efforts to combat misinformation, hate speech and other problematic content for fear of angering former US President Donald Trump and his political allies. Profit.

When asked by Agency France-Press, Facebook spokeswoman Erin McBike said the article was “Less than quality Washington Post, He wrote only after researching the qualifications for the past five years and finding several sources.

The California company has been the subject of controversy for many years, and the moderation of its content, especially at election time, up to its economic strategy, is considered to violate the competitive rules of many governments.

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