January 19, 2022

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Former Counsel Dominic Cummings accuses Boris Johnson of not being “talented”

The British media had predicted a “catastrophic day” for the British government, full of shameful expressions. On Wednesday, May 26, Dominic Cummings (“Dom” in Westminster circles) fulfilled his promises. Former Special Adviser to Boris Johnson, former Architect of the Vacation Campaign 2016 Collapsed in November 2020, Unleashing his footing unhindered, turned his trial into a real assassination before two special committees of the British Parliament.

Multiply advertising human attacks and return at least four times more than the Prime Minister “Not eligible for the job”, Mr. Cummings, the white shirt split at his chest, engaged in unprecedented and brutal political openings. The testimony of this controversial person provided an attractive dive into the British power machine during epidemics, which was completely inactive and “Confused (R), This is a total failure “. “Tens of thousands of people have died unnecessarily”, he said.

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According to Mr Cummings, Boris Johnson did not take the infection seriously at first

Let’s start with the Prime, live expelled. According to Mr Cummings, Boris Johnson did not take the infection seriously at first, but made fun of it. “A New Horror Story Like Swine Flu”, He says “Chris Witty should be paid directly by the virus [le conseiller médical en chef de l’exécutif britannique] . In February 2020, when the disaster struck, he missed five “COBRA” meetings (government crisis meetings) and disappeared for ten days on vacation.. Government detains, imposes late imprisonment (March 23, 2020), the first wave kills more than 40,000 people.

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“I prefer bodies to be piled up rather than re-controlled”

The most harsh criticism was about handling the second wave from the fall. “By this time, we were fitted and we had the right measured indicators.”, Says Cummings. In the week of September 15, the government’s scientific advisers are unanimous, advising immediate restraint. Mr Johnson denies: “There is a big misunderstanding, people think it Because he almost died from the corona virus [en avril], He takes the disease very seriously, but no (R). He did not ask for advice, he made his own decision. ” Mr Johnson denies economic damage from restraint, he says “The virus kills people over the age of 80”.

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