October 22, 2021

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France imposes less than 24-hour checks on entry into many European countries

A Matnigan announced this Saturday that France will impose less than 24 hours of Covid-19 tests to enter its territory from the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, Greece and the Netherlands.

“A strengthened regime is in place United Kingdom, People who did not need less than 24 hours of testing (against 48 hours today) in the beginning (PCR or antigen) are needed, ”Matticknon said in a statement. “Furthermore, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, the Netherlands and Greece will be monitored within European territory for people who have not been tested (against 72 hours) less than 24 hours at the start of the test today.” Text.

Extended list of “red” countries

The move, which will take effect at midnight on Sunday, notes that Prime Minister Jean Costex said in a statement that the government would “strengthen controls in the direction of all airlines and shipping companies responsible for implementing this device” and that random restrictions would “increase” land boundaries.

The Prime Minister’s services also confirm the expansion of the list of red countries “for Tunisia, Mozambique, Cuba and Indonesia.” Passengers who are not from these countries can justify a compelling reason, present proof of departure check, comply with the duty to check arrival, and adhere to the restricted isolation of French soil once every 10 days.

Covshield vaccine approved for Health Pass

Due to the effectiveness of the vaccines, the text also states that “barriers to passengers benefiting from the complete vaccination schedule with the vaccine approved by the European Medicines Agency (Pfizer, Moderna, Astrogenogen or Johnson) will be lifted this Saturday. , July 17, regardless of country of birth ”. However, it is strongly advised not to travel to a red country.

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Jean Costex also confirms that the vaccination schedule is now considered complete Seven days after the second dose is given, Or a dose for those already infected with the virus, compared to 14 days ago. However, for a single dose of Johnson vaccine, a schedule of 28 days remains complete even after the injection. Finally, the Govshield vaccine is “now approved for the health pass”.

Pollution with Govit-19 Climb quicklyAccording to figures from Public Health France, the delta returned more than 10,000 points on Friday as a result of the variance, while hospital admissions declined slightly.