January 22, 2022

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Global epidemic update

Posted on Sunday 09 January 2022 at 19:34

New Activities, New Reports, and Highlights: An update on the latest developments in the Govt-19 epidemic worldwide.

– Protest in Brussels against health restrictions –

Several thousand people protested in Brussels on Sunday against restrictions related to the Health Boss and the Govt-19 epidemic, with shouts of “freedom,” the AFP reporter noted.

– Greece: Deadline for vaccine booster is February 1 –

Greek Health Minister Thanos Flavris has announced that those who do not receive the stimulus dose against Govt-19 by February 1 will no longer be able to access the places reserved for vaccinated people in Greece.

– France: Strengthening Test Skills –

French government spokesman Gabriel Atel announced plans to “strengthen” the testing policy, including setting up “several hundred” screening centers near vaccination centers.

– Italy: No compulsory deportation for small islanders –

The Italian government has decided to grant exemptions to residents of small Italian islands, exempt them from the vaccine pass required for transportation from Monday and they are at risk of being “forcibly deported”.

– Morocco: 1 million cases since the outbreak –

Morocco has crossed the milestone of one million Kovid-19 infections since the outbreak in 2020, in the wake of meteorite infections of the Omigron variant, the Ministry of Health said on Sunday.

– Tennis: Australia insists Djokovic is “not vaccinated” –

World tennis number one Novak Djokovic, who is attending the Australian Open, said on Sunday that the Australian government had “not been vaccinated against Kovit-19” and that his legal battle to stay in the country had failed. Prior to the review of its appeal.

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– More than 10 million cases in Africa –

A total of more than 10 million cases of the corona virus have been reported in Africa, according to figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) of the African Union (AU), which was consulted by the AFP on Sunday. .

– China: 14 million people tested in Tianjin –

The northern Chinese city of Tianjin on Sunday advised its 14 million residents to stay home, while conducting massive tests after a string of recent lawsuits, many of which were linked to the Omigron variant, state media reported.

The port city, about 150 km southeast of Beijing, has become a new area of ​​concern in recent days after more than 20 Govt cases were reported, most of which were imported from abroad, the National Health Commission said.

– Cases registered in Mexico and Peru –

Mexico, the world’s fifth-worst-hit country with more than 300,000 deaths, filed more than 30,000 new Covid-19 cases on Saturday, a record that led some Mexican states to close schools again.

More than 16,000 new cases were reported in Peru on Saturday, a record in this country with the highest Govt-19 death rate in the world (6,122 deaths per million people).

– More than 5.4 million die –

At 11:00 GMT on Sunday, the epidemic killed more than 5,483,023 people worldwide, according to AFP. The United States is the saddest country with 837,264 deaths, followed by Brazil (619,937), India (483,790) and Russia (316,163).

However, taking into account the high number of deaths directly and indirectly linked to Govt-19, the World Health Organization estimates that the number of infections may be two to three times higher than officially recorded.

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