January 16, 2022

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Global Infection Update

Posted on Tuesday, June 22, 2021 at 08:29 AM.

New Activities, New Reports and Highlights: An update on the latest developments in the Govt-19 epidemic worldwide.

– Italy ends June 28 Mandatory mask out –

Italy, one of the European countries most affected by the Govt-19 epidemic, will end its obligation to wear a mask outside on Monday, June 28th.

– South Africa wants to provide a vaccine-capable continent –

South Africa on Monday announced the first phase of providing a continent capable of producing anti-Govt vaccine.

This includes setting up a “technology transfer center” for anti-Govt messenger RNA vaccines, which have proven to be just as effective as sera from Pfizer-Bioendech or Moderna, and appear to be more easily adapted to newer variants than other vaccines. Of different technology.

The project is spearheaded by the South African Federation of Biotechnology companies Biovac and Afrigen Biologics and Vaccines, a network of universities and the African Centers for Disease Control.

– Turkey lifts curfew on July 1 –

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Monday night that he was lifting the curfew order, which he applied for on Sunday, reducing his country’s number of Govt-19 cases and accelerating the vaccination campaign.

However, Mr. Erdogan noted that concert halls and other music venues should be closed before midnight because, according to him, “no one has the right to disturb others.”

– Colombia crosses 100,000 death toll –

Colombia surpassed the 100,000 deaths associated with the epidemic on Monday, setting a new death record in 24 hours, with more than 600 dead.

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The country, home to 50 million people, is heading for its worst moment of the epidemic after three weeks of protests that rallied thousands of people on the streets against the government of conservative President Evan Duke.

– Euro: Scottish Billy Gilmore Positive Test –

Tested in favor of Kovit, Scottish midfielder Billy Gilmore will be confiscated on Tuesday for a decisive match to qualify for the Euro knockout stages against Croatia.

The English selection announced that two of its Chelsea players, Ben Sylvel and Mason Mount, have been placed in solitary confinement after a discussion with their Scottish club teammate (0-0) after Friday’s selection.

– Vaccine developed in Cuba 92.28% (laboratory) –

The Cuban-developed candidate-vaccine against the corona virus, the first to be developed in Latin America, shows 92.28% efficacy against the disease, the laboratory that developed it announced Monday.

– France reopens nightclubs –

The government announced Monday that performances with spectators standing in France from June 30 will be re-approved, while nightclubs may reopen “from July 9”.

These party seats will reopen only after a health pass (vaccine or recent negative test) has been issued, reducing the reception capacity for indoor events to 75%.

– Nightclubs: Reopens in Madrid and Barcelona –

Nightclubs reopened Monday in one part of Spain, especially in the country’s two main cities of Madrid and Barcelona, ​​but with restrictions on attendance and schedules.

– Olympic Games: Maximum 10,000 spectators –

Organizers of the Tokyo Olympics, which opens on July 23, acknowledged the presence of local visitors on Monday, but only 50% of the capacity of each site and a maximum of 10,000 people.

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However, if govt-19 infections re-emerge in Japan, matches may take place behind closed doors.

– More than 3.86 million people died –

The epidemic has killed more than 3,868,393 people worldwide since the end of December 2019, according to an official report from AFP on Monday at 10:00 GMT.

After the United States (602,057 deaths), the countries with the highest number of deaths are Brazil (501,825), India (388,135), Mexico (231,187) and Peru (190,425).

These figures are generally underestimated based on the daily reports of national health officials. The WHO estimates that the number of infections may be two to three times higher than officially recorded.