April 18, 2021

Gov. Mahanadi, Antarctic Connection | Goa News

Vasco: The project to build a link between India’s Great River Basin and Antarctica has been put on hold due to Govt-19 and the National Center for Polar and Ocean Research (NCPOR) has reduced the 40th Antarctic voyage to a limited scientific role.
NCPOR has halved its travel strength and now plans to conduct connectivity research in the next winter session. It canceled the Arctic mission for 2020 due to Covit-19, but the group of 150 is likely to leave for the Arctic in June this year, said NCPOR Director M. Ravichandran.
A group of 43 people, including scientists, doctors and engineers, left for Antarctica on Tuesday aboard the Russian ice class ship MV Vasily Kolovnin and reached Antarctica in 30 days. After the team lands, the ship will return to India in April, bringing back scientists and researchers from the previous voyage.
Antarctica is important for the concept of the supercontinent Continental, which includes India with Australia, Africa, South America, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka.
“We want to establish a link between the Mahanadi Basin of India and the location of the Bharati Station,” Ravichandran said.
To make a connection between the two areas, scientists plan to study the similarities between organisms such as bacteria. If established, it will have strategic benefits for India.
The infection affected NCPOR’s plans to train the team in a timely manner. Ravichandran said training for next year’s tour would begin in the coming months as it would take a year to coach the team.
There are two stations in Antarctica in India – Maitri and Bharati – and the group of 43 will be split between the two stations.