January 19, 2022

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Govt-19: Health pass in Guyana, in five questions

This is a news item that is debatable, which is central to the news. The Health Pass, which came into force on July 21, 2021, has not been confirmed for now. Here are the key answers to the questions you can answer.

During the night, the National Assembly finally passed the latest law aimed at combating the Govt-19 epidemic. 1,200 amendments were filed and heated debates, especially around the highly controversial health pass.

Lennox voted against Adam, as well as a deputy from Guadeloupe. But it is not over yet. The bill is currently considered second in the Senate.

Everything can still move.

Many of you are asking questions about the Health Pass to gain insight into what is in effect today and what may come into effect next month. We remind you:

  • What works as a “health pass”?

What is a Health Pass?

  • This July 22, 2021, the Health Pass was voted on in the National Assembly. What comes into effect from July 21st?

What has been in effect since July 21?

Cinema, restaurant, theater, and entertainment are now designed for legislative arrangements.

  • When will this extension of Health Pass come into effect?

Entry for extension of Health Pass

The law that shakes the habits of both employees and business leaders.

  • Are there any penalties for non-compliance with these new measures?

Are there any penalties?

If children over the age of 16 get the vaccine, there are still many questions for minors.

  • What does the law offer them?

A bill was passed in the National Assembly, which is currently being reviewed in the Senate.

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