January 22, 2022

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HAS recommends generalizing serological tests to avoid unnecessary secondary doses

Hot Autoride de Sante recommends that rapid serological testing be performed prior to administration of the first dose of the anti-goiter vaccine to unknowingly identify individuals who have been exposed to the corona virus and to prevent an unwanted second dose. – SYSPEO / SIPA

  • In a comment released this Thursday, HAS recommends a serological test before the first dose is given.
  • The goal is to identify former asymptomatic corona virus patients who ignore each other and prevent the latter from having unwanted levels.
  • A measure that makes it possible to release millions of doses of the vaccine.

A little bite before vaccination? In a comment published this Thursday, The Higher health authority (HAS) recommends generalization of serological tests
Pre-vaccinations. Objective: To identify the presence of antibodies in vaccinated individuals, a sign of infection
Corona virus. If a positive test occurs, a second dose of the vaccine is no longer needed. A move that releases “multi-million” extra volumes.

Health Minister Oliver Warren announced Wednesday that he would follow this advice. Therefore, vaccination centers will be fitted with “rapid serological tests to detect the presence of antibodies” in June. In that case, one dose would be enough, “he said.

A drop of blood and wait fifteen minutes

The Health Authority recommends that this “pre-vaccination serology” be performed by rapid testing or TROD. A “mandatory test, in which no age limit is offered Now to the deserving junior, During a press conference on Thursday, said Dominic Le Glutech, president of HAS. It’s easy: just take a drop of blood from your fingertips shortly before the first dose is given. After 15 minutes, that is, the expected follow-up time after vaccination, we get a conclusion as to whether there are already antibodies against SARS-COV-2 ”(indication that we are already in contact with the virus).

If the test is positive, the appointment for the second dose may be canceled. This is because he explained to those already affected in the past that “the scientific information we have today is clear: one dose is enough.” As of February 11, HAS had already recommended a single dose of vaccine in the event of a previous infection with the SARS-Cov-2 virus. Since then, the head of HAS has promised that “new scientific publications confirm that vaccine protection of people infected with the virus is better than two doses of non-infected individuals after a single dose.”

“Output Sizes”

“We rely heavily on TROD to release drugs,” said Elizabeth Pavet, chair of the technical team on vaccinations at HAS. But why use this measure now, months after it opened Vaccine In France? As of May 31, 28 million people over the age of 18 are unconditionally eligible. According to HAS, “a significant reservoir” of “millions” will be available that targets young people at some point in the campaign and may even have unknowingly created asymptomatic forms of the virus, recalls Dominic Le Glutech. According to a modeling study conducted by the Institute Bashar, more than 22% of people in the metropolitan area of ​​France are affected by SARS-Cowie-2, and more than 40% are in Ile-de-France. However, cases identified by a virological test represent only 8% of the population, ”he added.

HAS recommends testing first at a few vaccination centers to see if this arrangement does not destabilize the campaign “before any large-scale deployment”.

The reliability of the serological tests in question

One question remains: Are these tests adequate? The advantage of TROD is that one drop of blood is enough to detect the presence of antibodies produced by the body after contamination. The problem is reliability. “To date, not all serological tests available have the same performance, and TROD, Even though they have a CE reference, they are not as reliable as promised, ”worries Dr. Franசois Blanchecote, president.
Union of Biologists. He understands that “the general population is interested in identifying the millions of affected people who ignore each other in order to get the best vaccine. But Govit-19 serology is not easy, and there is always the problem of finding its place in the strategy carried out by health officials. Furthermore, except in certain cases, serological tests have not been reimbursed. ” “We explicitly recommend that this advance TROD be free,” Dominic Le Glutech promised on Thursday.

Dr. Lionel Brandt, president of the National Association of Young Medical Biologists (SJPM), has been working with HAS for several weeks to set up this pre-vaccination serology. “But the question that arises is: what performance, what test, what symptom? », He compiles. Because today, “If we know how to measure the level of antibodies, we do not know what the threshold is that will allow us to confirm that an already infected person has developed adequate protective antibodies. Today, it’s all or nothing: if you have to Antibody, You will only get one dose, if you do not have two, it is two. In this context, we prefer IgG, the antibodies that appear after pollution. ”

Because of this, D.R.S. For Blanchecode and Barent, assisting with pre-vaccination serology should be based on better tests “to avoid false positives”. We need more details on the quality of the tests used. ” With over 99% reliability, Dominique Le Glutech responded, “We have very few false positives with serological trotting. The tests used have excellent specifications.”

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