February 25, 2021

Himanta Biswa Sharma says I am an extremist in preserving Indian and Assamese culture

State Minister Himanta Biswa Sharma on Sunday branded AIADMK leader Badruddin Ajmal as “the enemy of Assam” and said he was an extremist in preserving Indian and Assamese culture. Northeastern Democratic Alliance (NDA) convener Sharma has accused Asmal of trying to do something alien to Assamese culture. And the opposition leader said he would talk about identity politics as long as it was on the political scene. Read also – 145 hospitalized after eating biryani at Assam government event, inquiry ordered

Dhubri’s Lok Sabha member Ajmal is the leader of the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF), which has 14 MLAs, mostly from Muslim – dominated areas. The AIUDF has teamed up with the Congress and four political parties to form a grand alliance against the ruling BJP in the upcoming state elections. Read also – ‘Mia Muslims should not vote for BJP’, says Himanta Biswa Sharma ahead of upcoming Assam elections

“Yes, I am an extremist in preserving Indian and Assamese culture in this land. If anyone has given me this title, please express my love and gratitude, ”Sharma told reporters when asked about the opposition’s labeling him as an extremist of polarizing politics. Asked if he and Ajmal were equal in polarized politics, the Assam finance minister said he was trying to preserve Assamese culture when the AIADMK leader was doing something “alien to Assamese culture”. “I am trying to defend Indian nationalism. There should be two peaks. Read also – Robots should be used to deliver essentials to Govt-19 patients at Assam Hospital

So, if there is a North Pole, there will be a South Pole. If Badruddin Ajmal goes missing, we will also disappear. Then we will talk about development and something else. “But as long as Badruddin Ajmal is there, we will talk about development and identity politics. If it made me a terrorist, I would be happy about that, ”he said.

When asked if Ajmal was the Messiah of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, the senior BJP leader declined to comment on whether he was an individual, but decided to make a comment about Ajmal as “a company or what he represents”. “This is probably the most dangerous phase of Assam politics. He brings money from fundamentalist organizations. In the name of social service, he creates a network that is not conducive to Assamese culture. “So, not as an individual, but as an identity of certain individuals, I think they are our enemy,” Sharma said.

Asked about the BJP’s campaign strategy for the upcoming elections to the 126-member assembly, the Assam minister said the party’s election committee had not yet finalized it but had its own advertising theme. “My personal campaign theme is the clash of culture. The jar-box-box (community, land and homeland) is a defensive statement. Now is the time to attack it. For the next five years, it must be the triumph of culture,” he added. The BJP’s main slogan is to protect the ‘caste-value-box’ of the Assamese people from infiltrators from Bangladesh. ”This will be in line with the limited tasks of our constituencies. I have decided my strategy until 2026. It will be healthy regionalism and total nationalism. There has to be strong nationalism with positive regionalism, ”Sharma said.

The BJP senior leader pointed out issues like Citizenship (Amendment) Act, National Registration of Citizens (NRC) and unemployment, saying these are no longer election issues in the state. “The main issue in Assam is whether the boys will get the bullet or the splendor. The Assam government has given Scooty to the girls and now people are busy whether the boys will get the splendor or the bullet.

“Congress is behind the nation. If the nation has progressed in 50 years, they are 50 years behind. They will trigger a problem, which is old and already outdated. We will raise an issue that is new to the minds of the youth, ”he added. The Assam government has distributed scooters to thousands of female students who secured first category in the high school finals under the Department of Education program.