December 8, 2021

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Human remains were found in the area where her fianc’s belongings were found

Innovative The KP Petito affair. The cases, which belonged to Brian Laundry, the fiance of the young woman who was killed in late August, were discovered in a Florida park near the family home, the family’s attorney confirmed to Fox News and CNN. In the process, partial human remains were found near the appearance, selon NBC News. At this point, authorities have not confirmed the discovery and the identity of the person believed to be dead is unknown.

According to Fox News, police, a dog unit and a medical examiner are on site. Future husband of KP Petito Not found For five weeks.

Arrest warrant

Brian Laundry’s parents told authorities Wednesday morning that they plan to search Mayakahatzi Creek Park, where their son will go for a hike on Sept. 13. Authorities had already searched an 80-kilometer area around the park last month. In the Fox News footage, a policeman, with a plastic bag in his hand, told his parents at noon: “We may have found something.”

Last week, a Wyoming medical examiner in Dayton County announced that the young traveler He was killed in late August by “manual strangulation”. At the moment, her fianc Brian Laundry, who returned home alone in early September, is considered an “interested person.” An arrest warrant was issued against the young man at the end of September for using the young man’s bank card after his death.

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