January 19, 2022

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Hundreds more fires continue in Greece and Turkey

Intense heat wave It has been raging in the eastern Mediterranean for more than a weekIt will withstand and weaken fires never seen before in Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Italy or Albania.

As thousands of residents and tourists continue to be evacuated, the flames that devastated Greece on Thursday, August 5 are particularly close to historic sites on the islands of Olympia and Yupoya. In Turkey, the thermal power plant is in danger of catching fire. According to scientists, the fire, which could recur or intensify in the coming decades, is linked to climate change.

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  • In Greece, the protected archaeological site of Olympia, the island of Yupoya caught fire

On August 5, a plane catches fire and blows water near the ancient village of Olympia in western Greece.

In western Peloponnese, after extinguishing the fire overnight, firefighters were able to save. Archaeological site of Olympia, Now seems to have come out of danger, he said On ANT1 TV Greek Minister of Culture and Sports Lena Montoni.

Large forces were stationed near the ancient village of Olympia to protect the site of the first Olympic Games in antiquity. More than 170 firefighters, with the help of fifty vehicles and six helicopters and water bombs, still fought, with the help of the army’s reinforcement.

After burning twenty houses, “Fire front now heading towards Lala area”, A mountainous area northeast of the ancient site, said Nectarios Pharmacis, who was interviewed by the Greek news agency ANA on Thursday morning. The ancient village of Olympia, which is usually crowded with tourists at this time, along with six other nearby towns, was evacuated the previous day.

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Equivalent forces were stationed on a massive scale Evia IslandAbout 200 kilometers east of Athens, a violent and uncontrolled fire broke out. The fire broke out on Tuesday in a mountainous and wooded area due to the scorching heat of the past few days.

According to initial estimates, hundreds of homes were burned, as well as more than 25,000 hectares of pine forests. About 90 people were evacuated by sea on Wednesday by the Greek Coast Guard off Rovis beach in the northwest of the island.

According to Giannis Saborniodis, the mayor of a village in Monte’s Evia, the fire of the big virus is developing at four points, one of which is moving uncontrollably west of St. David’s Monastery, which was ousted from power on Wednesday. On Thursday morning, the visibility was low due to dense smoke as the wind strengthened and air resources struggled to fly into the fire. ANA reports that two additional villages were evacuated in the morning.

Firefighters had to manage 92 wildfires in Greece over the past 24 hours on Thursday morning, according to Deputy Minister of Civil Defense Nicos Hartalias at 118 on Wednesday evening. “We are trying the Titanic on many fronts”, He said during a press conference.

Another fire was going on MessiniaAccording to firefighters, six cities in the south of the Peloponnese were evacuated as a precaution.

  • Exhausts in Turkey, flames at the entrance of a thermal power plant

On August 4, 2021, a fire broke out near the Kemerkoi Thermal Power Station near the Aegean city of Milas.

Turkish rescuers began evacuating hundreds of people by sea on Thursday as the fire near the thermal power plant, which stores thousands of tons of coal, was dangerously close. At the sound of evacuation alarms, people piled up some of the items they were able to save from their homes in Coast Guard boats, mobilized in the port of Oren, near the town of Milas, near the center.

Local officials promised that the hydrogen tanks used to cool the fuel and coal-fired power plant would be emptied and precautionarily filled with water. “But thousands of tons of coal inside are at risk of catching fire.”, A regional official, Osman Kurun, concerns journalists.

Pictures posted online Wednesday by Milas Mayor Mohammed Dokat showed a sharp fire on the doors of the plant. “The plant is in the process of being evacuated en masse”, He tweeted. You have been begging and warning for days. The fire engulfed the plant “, He wrote during the day, and asked “Water bombing plane must be sent here urgently”.

The fire was first brought under control on Wednesday by two water bombers and helicopters sent by Spain. The afternoon flared up again.

Opposition parties have criticized President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for failing to maintain his water bombers and for delaying in accepting international aid. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who gave a live television interview on Wednesday evening, “Danger of being destroyed by fire”.

More than 180 fires have destroyed forests and farmland off Turkey’s Mediterranean coast since last Wednesday. The fire, which has already killed eight people and severely affected tourist sites, was recently able to resume their operations after several months of restrictions related to the Govt-19 epidemic.

According to the European Union’s Satellite Surveillance Service, The “Radiation power” The fire has intensified in Turkey “Unprecedented” Since 2003. Temperatures in the Aegean city of Marmaris have reached 45.5 degrees Celsius this week.

Le Monde with AFP and Reuters