January 16, 2022

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Huquet Bello leads with 50.9%, ahead of Didier Robb

The results of the regional elections are expected this Sunday, June 27th. The two candidates running in the second round, Huquette Fellow and outgoing President Didier Robert, are side by side according to SAGIS estimates. Find all the results here in real time.

The second round of regional and regional elections took place on Sunday, June 27 in La Reunion. Results are expected in the evening, but the SAGIS rating has now been released.


According to SAGIS estimates for Reunion Law 1, Hooke Bello is 50.9% and Didier Robert 49.1%. The assessment should be taken with more caution as a small number of votes were cast between the two candidates. Keep in mind that this is an assessment and not a final decision.

“We must always be careful with a statistical tool. We do not have all the offices in the reunion, we have all the votes cast tonight. The techniques we use are usually 1%.

Philip Fabing, Director of Political Studies at SAGIS

If this result is confirmed tomorrow, that is a difference of 5,000 votes or more.s “, refers to Philip Fabing.

At 7pm this Sunday, it was difficult to announce an accurate estimate as the numbers were so tight between the two candidates. Refined figures in minutes. At 7.30pm, a small trend began to emerge, but the elevators of the two communes were still missing. The gap between the two candidates was very small, less than 2%, says Philip Fabing, director of political studies at SAGIS.

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See below our assessment made by SAGIS:

Results of the 2nd round

You can see the results reaching us in real time here:

Results by the municipality

Salasi : Didier Robert 58.15%, Huquette Fellow 41.84%.

Silos : Hooke Bello 63.64%, Didier Robert 36.36%.

Plain-des-Palmists : Didier Robert 60.39%, Huquet Fellow 39.61%.

The Entre-Dukes : Huquet Fellow 56.26%, Didier Robert 43.74%.

The Ors : Huquet Fellow 54.32%, Didier Robert 45.68%.

Small island : Hooke Bello 59.24%, Didier Robert 40.76%.

Etong-Sale : Huquet Fellow 54.27%, Didier Robert 45.73%.

St. Joseph : Huquet Fellow 67.43%, Didier Robert 32.57%.

Results of the 1st round

The results of the first round can be found here:

2015 results

In the 2015 regional elections, following the second round in the reunion, the Didier Robert-led Union de la Troyd list topped the list with 52.69% of the vote and 29 seats.

Outgoing President Hughes Bello won against the Divers Cheat List (LTVG), which won a total of 47.31% of the vote and 16 seats.

During this second round in 2015, the participation on Reunion Island was 55.28%. More important than the first round: 44.45%.