January 16, 2022

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If diplomacy fails, the US will pose a military threat to Iran

The United States on Wednesday threatened to use military action against Iran if diplomacy fails to prevent Tehran from acquiring nuclear weapons, both of which clearly echo Israeli warnings. Ahead of an important visit by the EU negotiator to Tehran on Thursday, patience is growing not only on the US side but also on the European side, and the tone change is clear.

Washington Benz “Diplomatic solution is the best way” To prevent the Islamic Republic from becoming a nuclear power, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken told a news conference with his Israeli envoy, Yer Lapid, in the US capital. But he judged a little “Promotion” Signals from Tehran have not yet set a date for the resumption of talks aimed at upholding the 2015 international agreement on Iranian nuclear power, which has been suspended since June. “Conversation requires two. At this point, we do not see a willingness to do that in Iran either.”The Secretary of State lamented, considering that again “Boot Window” Was closing in with great progress.

“If Iran does not change direction, we are ready to switch to other options,” he said. He warned when asked about the possibility of using force. “We will consider all options.” By his side, the Israeli minister, without contradiction, took the point home. By saying ‘other options’, I think everyone understands “, He began with a clear reference to military option. Lapid, who was still open on behalf of the Hebrew government, has long opposed the 2015 deal, considering it inadequate.

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“Secretary of State Blingen and I are the children of survivors of the massacre. We know that there are times when nations need to use force to save the world from evil.”, He declared. “Israel has the right to act at any time and in any way.”, He scored. Former US President Donald Trump slammed the door to the agreement between Iran and the superpowers in 2018, and it allowed the US to lift sanctions again. In response, Tehran has largely freed itself from restrictions on its nuclear program to prevent bomb-making.

“Save the World”

President Biden said Iran was ready to return to the agreement on the condition that it renew its obligations at once. Indirect talks between Washington and Tehran, through an intermediary of other signatories, began in Vienna in April to secure the deal, but were suspended after the June election of a new Iranian president. European speaker Enrique Mora, co-ordinator of the 2015 speech, is expected Thursday in Tehran. “I urge you to resume talks.”, He tweeted Wednesday. The same disappointment on the French side, sorry for the absence “Clarity” The Iranian one “Refusal to negotiate” And this “Ground facts achieved further complicate revenue” To the agreement.

It was in this context of distrust that Yer Lapid came to Washington to ask the Biden government. “Alternative Plan B”. Americans are reluctant to talk about anything other than a return to agreement, and have changed their strategy by openly raising the hypothesis of failure. “We are realists. We know that there is a strong possibility that Iran will choose another path. The reshuffle of the agreement was also announced on Wednesday by US Ambassador to Iran Rob Malley. The US negotiator announced that he would visit Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar in the coming days to discuss specifically. “Options” For “Control Iran’s nuclear program” If negotiations fail.

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Anthony Blingen and Yar Lobid held a three-way meeting with their Emirati counterpart Sheikh Abdullah bin Saeed Al Nahyan on Wednesday to renew the movement of the process of recognizing Israel by the Arab states. “Over the next few years, we are determined to continue the efforts of the previous government to expand the circle of countries that have normal relations with Israel.” The US Secretary of State said. These “Abraham agreements” to recognize Israel were signed in September 2020 by the Emirates and Bahrain, under Donald Trump, which is one of his major diplomatic successes. Morocco, like Sudan, followed suit.