December 8, 2021

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“If the situation is like this, I will not play in China,” Nicholas Mahut declared in support of Peng Shuai.

“If the situation regarding Peng Shuai does not change, the WTA will not hesitate to suspend all cooperation with China,” said Steve Simon. Do you think ATP should make the same decision?
I think Steve Simon has shown real leadership in this position. I really appreciate his message. I found that ATP quickly followed suit. I firmly believe that they will follow the same path: if we do not ask for an answer, if the situation does not change, ATP will follow the WTA. In my opinion, this is what we need to do. Personally, if the situation were like this, I would not play in China. But we must be united. ITF President David Hogerti said nothing. I expect he will do the same as Steve Simon. Hope he wakes up soon.

ITF issues a stern statement …
I read it. I was very disappointed in the ITF press release, and I was very disappointed by David Hogerti who was not there from the beginning.

On Twitter, you spoke with Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) …
In my opinion, it is very embarrassing that the IOC does not speak openly. They want to talk for a few months about winter sports in China (February 4 to 20 in Beijing). Hope to do so soon. That’s good The team creates a front page, But the International Olympic Committee has not done anything yet. It was very embarrassing a few months before the Olympics in China.

“We cannot remain silent about violence against women. Less censorship when women want to express themselves in this matter “

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You mentioned the possibility of not going to China. Can personal decisions like this go up in pressure?
I hope this will be a collective decision because not much can be done individually. We have been talking about unity for some time and there is no better time than now to prove it. But it started badly, with the ITF lagging behind. Personally, I’m sure if things do not develop, I will not go there and play. “

Pierre-Higue Herbert intervenes and asks his partner: “Can we expect any more good news from Peng Shuai?” Can you expect a video?
This is what you need to ask. Beyond that, justice must do its job. That she can express herself, she can complain if she wants to. We cannot remain silent about violence against women. Less censorship when women want to express themselves in this matter. It is very sensitive and you have to deal with the problem. I’m pleased with Steve Simon’s comments. I wasn’t a big fan until now, but now I think he responded well. “