January 16, 2022

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In Afghanistan, residents of Kabul reduced their sales of essential commodities to markets

Saleem carries an old TV from the 1990s in a wheelchair. “Before, I owned a grocery store, Tells a resident of Kabul. When the Taliban came, I had to close it. I bring my TV to sell it and pay my rent because I no longer have a job. “, He laments. Since the Taliban’s return to Afghanistan, the Afghan economy has stalled. Many Afghans have lost their jobs. No money: Afghans can not take more than $ 200 a week due to lack of balance. So they sell what they can.

The Saman-e Hosori market in central Kabul was not there a month ago. Today, it is packed with second hand goods. We sell furniture, pottery or home appliances from all parts of the capital of Afghanistan and sometimes from other provinces. “Yesterday I already brought a refrigerator and two washing machines. I have them Sold“, Another man explains. “I’m bringing this gas cylinder today because we have no money. What else can be done?”

Saman-e Hosori market in Kabul, Afghanistan.  (Jeremy Duil / Francinepo)

Most Afghans are mired in poverty. Including those who worked before the Taliban claimed responsibility. A resident of Kabul comes to sell household goods and mourns. I worked in the police. I don’t have a job now. All the police were fired and we did not get paid for four months. He brought his old refrigerator.

A woman in a burqa explains: “Last month I sold my five mattresses. And a few days ago, four mattresses. No one wanted to buy from me, so I had to cut the price in half. But it’s not enough for my rent.”, She says. “My husband was a civil servant before and he was not paid for many months. What is happening in our country?”

Wahidullah, 13, comes home from school with a copper plate that his parents told him to sell. “We need rice, we need oil“, The young man summarizes. “I hope I can get the most out of it so it lasts for a few days.” Stay a few more days in a country where almost the entire population is at risk of falling below the poverty line by next year, without the support of the international community, according to the UN.

Afghans sell their wares: Report by Valerie Kurova and Jeremy Duil in Kabul

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