January 22, 2022

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In Bangkok, Thailand is demanding vaccines and democracy

Hundreds of protesters, despite a ban on more than five people from taking to the streets of Bangkok on Saturday, August 7, opposed the vaccine administration, which is considered chaotic, and called for more democracy.

University campuses experience its third demonstration since Bangkok 1, a year after the start of the unprecedented anti-government and anti-monopoly anti-organization movement.There is August. Keeping red markers in the name of Redem (for “Restart Democracy”, Or “Renew Democracy”), protesters demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-Zha – sometimes in blatant terms – and for investing more money in health and the economy than the monarchy’s weapons and luxury spending.

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The parade prompted conflicts, the police threw rubber bullets and tear smokers, and the law enforcement van was placed in the law enforcement van because protesters were armed with Slingshot and Molotov cocktails.

The procession went on for a while as if going to the royal palace, but at the last moment changed direction as the containers were placed across the road. He then went to the Royal Guard Infantry Base, home to Prayut Chan-o-Chao, who became civilian prime minister after the controversial 2014 election.

Confusions between power and laboratory

Despite good management of the first waves of Kovit-19, the latter is now struggling to convince: Thailand was only up to 1There is April 2021, 94 deaths from the epidemic, but after the third deadly wave erupted in the spring, on August 8, the number rose to 5,663 deaths, breaking a record the day before the 212 deaths. The death toll on Sunday dropped to 160, but 20,920 new positive cases were registered. The eruption affected almost all of Southeast Asia due to delta variation, with relatively few survivors in the first year of the epidemic due to strict isolation and early wearing of the mask.

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Only 6% of the 70 million people have been vaccinated, and Thailand is demanding more vaccines: a portion of the population has been vaccinated with the Chinese vaccine and the astrogenic dose, which is manufactured under the license of a Thai laboratory, owned by the king, but less than the production target. After all, restrictions on the import of vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, especially against private hospitals that wanted to sell them, provoked the distrust of a section of the population who quickly denounced the conflict between power and the laboratory.

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