January 22, 2022

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In Barcelona, ​​the Tower of the Virgin Mary of the Socrates family is unveiled

It is the only basilica under construction in the world. The Holy Family Crossed a new milestone with the completion of its ninth round. The opening ceremony took place to mark the occasion
Barcelona This Wednesday, December 8th.

“For a Barcelona, ​​it brings joy and pride. To see a project that has lasted for more than 140 years and continues to thrive despite all difficulties, ”said a resident who attended the opening ceremony of the Ninth Tower. Like him, several thousand people attended the event, which was organized on Immaculate Conception Day.

Of the nine towers already completed, it is the largest of the towers of the Virgin Mary. The giant star It was made of glass and steel and weighed approximately 5.5 tons and rose to a height of 138 meters. Made and measured in France.

Respect Gowdy’s plans

The seventh chief architect of the Socrates family, Jordi Foley explains to follow the signs left behind. Anthony Cowdy. “He mentioned the position and the height [des tours], As well as their general form, proposed that the solid shape of the towers should be designed in accordance with the laws of Socrates. “

Eventually, it will become the second tallest of the 18 towers planned by Gaudi. Pope Francis congratulated the completion and paid tribute to “the great architect Anthony Gaud” in a video message.

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