December 8, 2021

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In Brazil, the Commission of Inquiry on Covit-19 has approved a report recommending indictment of Bolzano.

The Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry into the Covit-19 Epidemic in Brazil (ICC) on Tuesday, October 27, acknowledged the poor report of its six-month investigation, which recommended the indictment of President Jair Bolsanaro for nine offenses. Do not “Crime against humanity”.

After dozens of inquiries, the commission, which was often harsh, blamed the government “Deliberately Exposed” Brazilians “Mass Pollution”.

Seven of the 11 senators who did the job endorsed the nearly 1,200-page speech in the evening, which calls for the president’s indictment, in particular, “Crime against humanity”, “Prerequisite”, “Charlatanism” And “Incitement to commit crime”.

At the end of the referendum, the senators paid a minute’s silent tribute to the more than 606,000 Brazilians who died of Govt-19 disease.

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The speech, delivered by reporter Renan Calheiros last week, also recommends indictment of 80 people, including several ministers, former ministers, companies and three of Bolsanaro’s eldest sons.

As the ICC is unable to proceed further, its report will be forwarded to the prosecution, which has the sole jurisdiction to prosecute the accused persons.

A symbolic purpose

But in the case of Jair Bolsanaro, experts believe an indictment is not possible because it is the responsibility of Attorney General Augusto Aras, an ally of the president. So the ICC’s allegations for the time being should be largely symbolic, with the support of Jair Bolsonaro in parliament to prevent his removal. However, the “Crime against humanity” May be tried at the International Criminal Court in The Hague.

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President of Brazil – anti-vaccine, anti-health pass and Whose reputation rating is low – I told myself last week “The culprit with nothing”. “We know we did the right thing from the beginning.”, He began.

But these offenses to the ICC “Deliberately”The government has deliberately decided not to take the necessary steps against the corona virus in the hope of reaching the masses. “Joint Immunity”, A strategy “High risk”.

The ICC specifically condemned “Deliberate delay” In obtaining vaccines, the government wants to promote ineffective treatment such as hydroxy chloroquine. “Tragic Consequences” For the people.

Human guinea pigs

The ICC has examined the government’s lack of oxygen in Manas (north), which has killed dozens of patients, and government responsibilities in Brasilia and private health relations.

One of them, Prevent Sr., is suspected of conducting experiments on early treatments without the knowledge of his patients and pressuring his doctors to prescribe them. “Human guinea pigs”.

In the morning, 11 senators from the ICC asked the Supreme Court and the prosecutor The president’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts have been suspended “Until further notice”, In a video posted on social media last week after he linked the Govt-19 vaccine to AIDS.

The team also believes in Jair Bolzano “Govt withdraws on national (TV) channel on link between anti-vaccine and AIDS pollution”Under a fine of 50,000 Rice (7,700 euros).

“We can no longer tolerate such behavior.”, The senators wrote, urging them to block access to the president’s accounts.“Avoid destroying resources”.

Monday, YouTube video site Was suspended for a week The president’s channel activities, after removing the video, are like Facebook and Instagram.

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Since coming to power in 2019, Jair Paulsonaro has been the subject of much communication on social networks with more than 40 million subscribers, constantly spreading many misinformation, including the corona virus.

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