October 22, 2021

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In Bulgaria, singer Slavy wins assembly elections

Almost without publicity, the Bulgarian songwriter and former television presenter Stanislav Trifonov was called “Slavy”. Early Assembly elections were scheduled for Sunday, July 11 In this country of seven million people. The 54-year-old national star, who was founded in 2020, said the anti-corruption and c-all party “has such people” received more than 23% of the vote, according to polling stations and Monday. The results are partial, however he was split on Monday morning over the question of whether he won the vote.

Slawie was actually neck and neck, close to a few thousand votes, with the Conservative Party of outgoing Prime Minister Paico Borisov, which has ruled Bulgaria almost since 2010 and has the lowest score in eleven years. Although Mr Borisov did not attend a press conference at his party headquarters on Sunday evening, “Being in opposition is an honest and dignified way to defend our policies.”, Has already announced Tomislav Danzev, vice president of his training. So this Balkan country, known as the poorest and most corrupt in the European Union (EU), is preparing to turn the page on this 62-year-old leader who competed wildly in the streets in the summer of 2020 for a broad period in the summer of 2020. Anti-corruption movement.

Exploded political landscape

On Monday morning, Slavy claimed victory in a video posted on Facebook in which he announced that he would form an expert government without attempting to negotiate a coalition. With fragile health, the singer will never be one of them. He was nominated by Prime Minister Nikolai Wasilev as a 51-year-old technocrat who served as a minister of right-wing governments in the 2000s. On his side, a mix of people from non-political and diverse backgrounds, “Morals, people who speak languages [étrangères] Who are the graduates of prestigious universities ”, He spoke proudly. Slavi, most famous for his achievements in praising women and Ferraris, described his plan a little by creating nurseries, reforming the judiciary, gaining entry into Bulgaria’s eurozone and Schengen area, and … sending two Bulgarians. Location. “It’s time to look at the stars”, In this video that was filmed he said without question from the press.

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