December 8, 2021

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In Germany, a candidate for the CDU presidency was surprised

The race for the presidency of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) is underway. Two months after losing the September 26 assembly elections (24.1%, the worst score in its history), Germany’s largest party now knows three candidates who will face each other in the coming weeks. For the victory of Armin Lashett And the main opposition to the Coalition of Future Social Democrats (SPD) Olaf Scholz’s “traffic light” coalition, whose inauguration is scheduled for the week of December 6.

Competitors who had until Wednesday, November 17 to submit their nominations, so there will be three. Two of them, Frederick Mers and Norbert Rodgen, did not surprise anyone: He was defeated by Armin Lachet at the last CDU Congress in January, It is logical that they would try their luck again after he announced his resignation following the Assembly election defeat. Helge Brown, on the other hand, took everyone by surprise: the head of the Federal Chancellor, in other words, a close associate of Angela Merkel, had not even imagined that well-informed observers would set out to capture the party he had led since 2000. Until 2018.

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At first glance, Mr. Mers exits with a dizziness. At the January Congress, he qualified for the second round – Mr. Unlike Rodgen, he was eliminated in the first round – and finally Mr. He lost to Lachet (47.2% vs. 52.8%). In the previous Congress, in December 2018, when he was already a candidate, he came even closer to victory, garnering 48.3% of the vote against Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the “runner-up” appointed by Angela Merkel.

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After these two defeats, Mr. Mers may have given up. But the good results he has received in the last two conferences are proof in his view that the third attempt is not much to be exact. To this end, the former Herald of the party’s most conservative faction, who returned to the Bundestag after twelve years in the business world, wants to play the rally card.

“With me, there will be no right turn inside the CDU”, He promised, on Tuesday, gave the name of one of the general secretaries who, if successful, would win: Mario Chaza, the 46-year-old vice-president, has won the popular constituency of Berlin-Marzon-Hellerstorf. Conducted by the far left since 1990.

Disagreement around Angela Merkel

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