December 8, 2021

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In Iraq, pro-Iranian Shiite militants are trying to overcome the electoral setback

Hundreds of militants from popular mobilization (MP) factions are camping in front of Baghdad’s Green Zone. At the call of the leaders of the Shia sects close to Iran, the main center of the movement, they set up their tents at the gates of the most secure part of the Iraqi capital on October 19. ” Fraud “ In the October 10 Assembly elections. The al-Fatah coalition, their political vision, suffered a sharp setback in this election, losing two-thirds of the forty-eight seats. Retrieved in 2018. Its leaders refuse to accept defeat “Corruption” Organized by the government of Mustafa al-Qadimi with the support of Washington.

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The ballot box on the street seems to mark the time of the political uprising of pro-Iranian Shia militant parties. “Groups முகவாமா [l’axe de la résistance pro-iranien] Never popular in Iraq, their support base is low. 2018 Poll Exception: They used their share in the victory against ISIS., Analyzes Hamdi Malik, co-researcher at the Washington Institute.

In the three years that he has been the second political force in parliament and has managed several ministries, the al-Fatah coalition has not been persuaded. Its managers “You have failed to provide public services. Many Iraqis and nationalists have been accused of large-scale corruption and links to Iran.Mr. Malik adds. Their role in the repression of the anti-authoritarian movement that emerged in Baghdad and Shiite south in October 2019 condemned them in public view.

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Firefighting reports

This discontent with Shiite Street was linked to an electoral strategy that was doomed to failure. Since its formation in 2018, the al-Fatih coalition has failed to overcome its divisions. The rivalry between its various leaders and the armed factions within the MP was assassinated in January 2020 by a US drone strike. Iranian General Qasem Suleimani And his lieutenant in Iraq, Abu Mahdi al-Mohandas. Candidates for the October Assembly elections were scattered by these discrepancies. In some constituencies, the al-Fatah coalition has several lists. Hezbollah forces, the closest armed group to Tehran, went solo with their new party, al-Haqq (“rights”).

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