January 16, 2022

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In Japan, Fumio Kishida became the leader of the right-wing Conservative Party and the real future prime minister.

The name of the future Japanese Prime Minister is now known. Fumio Kishida was elected on Wednesday, September 29, to lead the ruling Liberal Democratic Party (PLT, Conservative Right) in Japan. Thus ensuring he becomes the next CEO. Parliament is scheduled to vote on October 4.

Kishida, a 64-year-old former foreign minister, received 257 votes in the second round of internal voting in the PLD, while his rival, Taro Kono, was one of the most prominent political figures in the outgoing government’s “Mr. Vaccine” and island group, by 170 to 58 votes.

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Kishita’s promises

Fumio Kishida was elected to the lower house of parliament from Hiroshima (western Japan) in 1993 – before serving as foreign minister from 2012 to 2017, as did his father and grandfather before him.

He came to power in his second attempt: he lost a year ago against current leader Yoshihit Suka. The one who stands out for his infamous reason. “I’m not good enough”, Mr. about his previous campaign for the post of LDP chairman. Kishida said recently. “This time is different. I have a firm belief that I am the right leader now.”He added, trying to erase her soft, dull figure.

“It simply came to our notice then [qu’il a changé] An already discouraging sign “According to Brad Closerman, an expert on Japanese politics and a professor at Dama University in Tokyo. But the dominant forces within the PLD are Mr. Realized that Kishida “A safe bet based on stability” It is more popular among grassroots members and the general public than its main rival, Taro Kono, but is considered “Less compatible” By party barons, Mr. Closerman added.

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During his campaign, former banker Fumio Kishida pledged a new financial stimulus package to accelerate recovery from the shock of the epidemic and showed his willingness to reduce social inequality. “People generously want a policy”, Mr. Kishita said, she has a great listening ability. However, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Japan’s debt is projected to increase to 256% of GDP by 2020.

Internationally, he will have to face threats from North Korea and China. However, Mr. Kishida’s plan does not predict any radical change in Japan’s foreign, economic or military policy. An ardent supporter of nuclear disarmament in the world, he specifically contributed to Barack Obama’s 2016 visit to Hiroshima, the city’s office of the U.S. President destroyed by the 1945 atomic bomb. This did not stop him. While supporting the revival of civilian nuclear power in Japan, its use has been minimal since the 2011 Fukushima disaster. He begs to restart the old reactors and to limit the introduction of smaller reactors.

On social issues, he said Mr. Seems more cautious than Kono. Unlike his rival, Mr Kishita said he did not “Not in a position to accept same-sex marriage”, Which is not allowed in Japan. He was sluggish on the main issue of granting spouses the right not to take the same last name, and satisfied himself by calling for a discussion on the matter. During his previous campaign for the post of PLT chairman a year ago, a communications operation turned out to be a disaster: apparently he was eager to pass on a Japanese “Normal”, Posted a photo on Twitter of him coming to serve his food while wearing kitchen armor with his wife.

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