January 16, 2022

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In Kabul, suffering makes Afghanistan unthinkable



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M.Burgot, S.Guillemot, P.Miette, M.Behboudi – France 2

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Beyond repression and sanctions, the country faces a shortage of money and food.

In a matter of weeks, the Taliban’s seizure of power in Afghanistan has plunged a section of the population into the worst misery. Humanitarian crisis “Worse still” Warned her The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) is in charge of the country on Wednesday, October 6th. On the streets of Kabul, some are less inclined to consider the most horrific sacrifices: a couple who agreed to sell their child to France 2.

“A person volunteered to buy our baby”, Trusts the father. “We have become so poor, we have to deal with it.”. The Mason and his wife fled their territory in the hope that they would not be taken to the Afghan capital by the Taliban. They live in makeshift camps with no income.

In one market, another father tries to sell all of his family’s household items, like his refrigerator, empty anyway. “It can buy flour for bread”, He explains. At home, he explains that there is no food for their children on his children “Sweet tea only”.

This situation can be explained especially by the freezing of assets held by the Central Bank of Afghanistan abroad, the permit against the new regime. The Taliban responded by imposing restrictions on bank withdrawals, limited to 170 euros per week. At a meeting in front of a bank, some Afghans explain that government employees no longer receive their salaries.

As 18 million Afghans dependent humanitarian aid has stopped coming in, the country’s new masters are focusing on security and the fight against attacks. Poverty and fear make many flee Afghanistan abroad. Hundreds of people every day Wait He tried to get a visa in front of the embassy in Kabul.

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