December 8, 2021

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In Madagascar, the first climate famine

Report – In the south of the island, a long drought adds to the deep difficulties of one of the poorest countries on the planet. Conclusion: More than 1 million people survived by emergency humanitarian aid. The first famine due to global warming, experts estimate.

Special Envoy to Madagascar

The village of Betsimida in the center of the Androi region in the far south of Madagascar has two large wells. Drilling in 2019 thanks to European aid, but it has not been used much. They have been dry for almost two years, Explains Solhatra, a 44-year-old villager. It has not rained since January and nothing has grown in the fields. That is the Guru. “, He is, in short, dangerous. In the Androi language, the region’s ethnic group, “kéré” means famine associated with drought.

Without water, this father of 15 children cannot grow cassava or beans, earns a living by renting two jeeps tow carts and filling water cans in the nearby town of Ambowombe, 10 km away. With every 250-liter barrel sold to the village, he can be trusted to pocket 5,000 arias for more than 1 thousand euros. For people like Seraphine, a 28-year-old widow and mother of 8, the situation is even more hopeless: she

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