December 8, 2021

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In Portugal, the socialist government freed its far-left allies

The outcome of the divorce between the parties of the Portuguese left, the unexpected rejection of the 2022 Finance Bill on Wednesday, October 27, should mark the premature end of the socialist government of Antonio Costa. The task of holding early elections has already begun.

President of the Republic, Supervisor Marcelo Rebello de Sousa, Wednesday evening, met with the Speaker of Parliament. “If the legislature is not in a position to pass a country-based budget, it would be advantageous for the Portuguese to have a voice again.” The head of state insisted. Following the meeting with social activists, a meeting with the leaders of the parties represented in the legislature will be held on Friday, followed by a meeting of the State Council on Wednesday, November 3, Mr. Rebello de Souza should continue, except for the surprise. , On the proper dissolution of the chambers. Early elections may take place in January 2022. A few weeks ago, no one would have thought that Portugal would be shaken by such a political crisis.

On Wednesday, the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) and the far left Bloco de Esquerda (BE) abandoned the Socialist Antonio Costa and voted against the finance bill, along with right-wing and far-right parties. The text received only a positive vote of 108 Socialist representatives (230 seats). 117 votes against and five abstentions – three representatives from the animal and environmental party PAN and two non-affiliates – so it was rejected. For the first time since the advent of democracy in Portugal.


“It’s very irresponsible to associate a budget crisis with an unprecedented health crisis, and it has real consequences for the lives of the people and the future of the country.” Inês Sousa, the leader of the PAN, opposed the Real. Resistance is not the opposite of everything. “

Rui Rio, leader of the main opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD, center-right), criticized the economic model supported by the Socialists he accused. “Rely on the extreme left”. The Left, for its part, was criticized for the government’s lack of ambition in social matters. PCP particularly demanded a sharp increase in the minimum wage, so it goes from the current 665 euros to 850 euros. “A national emergency”, According to Communist leader Geronimo de Sousa. The government is proposing a gradual increase to 705 euros in 2022 and 750 in 2023, which is considered insufficient by the PCP. It is planned to increase the pension by 10 euros.

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