January 16, 2022

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In Yemen, a mysterious “pit of hell” attracts geologists

The natural wonder of the East Yemen Surrounded by mystery, the tales of demons and evil spirits lure people to the well of Barhout, known as the “well of hell.”

It is located about 1,300 km east of the capital Sanaa, near the border. OmanLocated in the desert of Al-Mahra province, this giant hole is 30 m wide and 100 to 250 m deep. According to local folk tales, it was created to serve
To the demons in prison, A superstition reinforced by the smell of nausea emanating from its depths. Yemeni officials say they do not know what is there.

Lack of oxygen is difficult to explore

“It’s so deep, we never reached the bottom of this well Oxygen And no ventilation, ”said Salah Bahir, director general of the local authority responsible for geological research and mineral resources. “We went to visit the area and entered the well. We reached a depth of 50-60 meters and noticed some strange things inside, ”he says. “We also smelled a different scent … which is very mysterious,” the manager insists.

Little sunlight penetrates there and you can’t see much from the shore except for the birds coming in and out of the depths. The local superstition is that objects near the hole are absorbed into it.

A hole for “jinns”

According to Salah Bahr, the well is “millions and millions” years old. “These places need further research, research and investigation,” he says. For centuries, stories about “gin” have been spread, Mostly evil forces Living in a well, or well is life threatening on earth.

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Fearing the curse, many people in the area are reluctant to access the wide hole and avoid talking about it, in a country where there are no holes. Yemen has suffered A civil war According to the UN, the worst humanitarian disaster in the world has been between the government and the Houthi rebels since 2014.