March 1, 2021

India and Russia are looking at new, high technology

New Delhi, Feb 20 (UNI) During Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla’s visit to Moscow this week, India and Russia discussed bilateral trade and economic ties in their special and privileged strategic partnership.

In a video statement uploaded by the Indian embassy, ​​Shringla said he had spoken with Russian high-ranking officials, including Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Deputy Prime Ministers Rybkov and Igor.

Discussions during the February 17-18 visit helped both sides “connect” on bilateral, regional and global interests.

The Foreign Secretary noted the growing investment from both sides, adding that Indian companies are looking to invest in sectors such as LNG and coking coal.

Russian companies are interested in domestic waterways, railways and special steel.

Moreover, both countries want to focus on high technology.

“There are a lot of areas, especially the high-tech areas that we like to focus on,” Shringla said.

“One of the decisions we made at our meetings was to have a high-level panel focusing on areas that represent high technology and new technologies for both countries.”

Both countries expect to implement the Chennai-Vladivostok corridor.

Shringla said both sides have worked closely on the vaccine and responding to the Govt-19 infection.

“We look forward to cooperating with Russia to produce more Sputnik V vaccine – another area of ​​our most successful cooperation is the health sector,” he said.

During his two-day visit to Moscow, the two discussed development in Afghanistan and other regions.

“We also talked about issues like Afghanistan, which is of direct concern to both countries,” Shringla said.

Shringla said India had discussed cooperation with the United Nations Security Council and the BRICS, of which it is now a permanent member.

India accepted the leadership of the BRICS in 2021, just as the BRICS were celebrating its 15th anniversary. Foreign Minister S. Jaisankar launched the BRICS website in New Delhi on Friday.

The Foreign Secretary also spoke about the annual summit, which was postponed last year due to the epidemic.

President Vladimir Putin is scheduled to visit India at the invitation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said the visit would take place occasionally on a fixed date.

Earlier, Foreign Minister Lavrov will visit India.

“There are many visits we have talked about – including the visit of the Deputy Prime Minister to the Inter-Governmental Commission with our Foreign Minister.

“We are looking at the visits of our military and naval leaders. There are a lot of exchanges on the cards for India-Russia relations,” Shringla said. Underlined.