February 28, 2021

India, China to hold 9th round of senior military level talks today

New Delhi: India and Beijing will hold the ninth round of senior military commander-level talks in Moldova on the Chinese side of the Line of Control (LoC). China’s incursions into Indian territory.

The talks will begin in the morning and will focus on dismissing troops, LIC said.

Lt. Gen. BGK Menon, commander of the Levy-based 14 Corps, which oversees the Ladakh sector, will lead the Indian delegation to the talks on Sunday.

Tensions escalated in May when New Delhi witnessed the infiltration of Chinese troops into Ladakh and the massive deployment of Chinese troops. India also moved rapidly in its forces to counter further incursions.

Earlier rounds of military talks failed to provide any consensus on the withdrawal of troops, with both sides having 50,000 personnel each with the LIC. Corps commander level negotiations have been supplemented by conversations at the diplomatic level that have not even been able to break the deadlock.

Although analysts have dismissed the sudden moves by the Chinese to surprise India during the harsh winter months, tensions between the two neighbors will increase as a result of the melting snowfall in April. A violent clash in June last year killed 20 Indian soldiers and caused an unknown number of casualties on the Chinese side.

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