April 18, 2021

India is developing capabilities to carry out deep sea missions: Harsh Vardhan

‘Sagar Avaneshika’ can accommodate about 15-20 scientists for research purposes, said Harsh Vardhan.


Federal Science and Technology Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan said on Saturday that the government was working to develop the ability for scientists to go beyond three kilometers into the sea to carry out marine research.

Speaking at a function in Chennai, he said that India was number one in weather forecasting and never issued a false alarm whenever hurricanes formed.

“Usually it’s six hours (at sea) to do some research and come back.

“We are developing the ability for scientists to go deep into the sea beyond three kilometers and they can last for almost 16 hours (for research purposes),” he said after dedicating the coastal research vessel ‘Sagar Avaneshika’ to the Chennai Port Foundation. Chennai.

In the weather forecast, the country remembers the natural disaster – the 2004 tsunami, which caused ‘a great deal of tragedy’.

“When we look back at how our scientists have grown (since the tsunami struck in 2004), we can proudly say that we are the best country in the world in predicting early tsunami warnings. We have never issued false warnings. My scientists tell me that Japan has issued false warnings about tsunamis,” he said. .

The minister said that the states and administration were able to take precautionary measures in protecting the people as there were advance warning facilities.

“Some hurricanes may have caused great damage. But they were well predicted 10 days or two weeks ago, thus giving the government and the respective states enough time and opportunity to take care of all precautionary measures so as to protect the life and livelihood resources of the people,” he pointed out.

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“The country’s most ambitious goal is to embark on a deep-sea mission that will see all aspects of the ocean as a source of minerals and water and strengthen the scientific community,” he said.

“We are already in the process and then we will take the help of big companies in collaboration with people like DRDO, ISRO, IIT,” he said.

Launched today, Sagar Avneshika can accommodate about 15-20 scientists for research purposes and has laboratories such as the Sagar Tara to conduct scientific research, Dr Vartan said.

“Sophisticated shipping will transform our marine research activities and boost our blue economy,” he said.

The ship has advanced navigation systems and research and exploration machinery.

“This will enhance the many disciplinary research on the Indian coastline marine exploration and deepen the understanding of the ocean and enable it to harness its immense potential,” he added.

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