January 17, 2021

India is now the second largest producer of BPE tools: Ministry of Textiles – India News

India has become the world’s second-largest maker of personal protective equipment (PPE), producing 450,000 units daily, with an industry worth Rs 7,000 crore out of 1,100 manufacturers, the Union Textiles Ministry said on Wednesday.

BPE tools are the first line of defense for health workers against infectious diseases such as Govit-19. Their production increased in March as the Govt-19 epidemic worsened.

The export of kits and other safety equipment was banned in March so that the federal government could buy enough goods, which were then delivered free to the states.

India has been producing 10 million BPEs a month, based on the specs requested by the federal government to fight the corona virus infection. The federal government had in March ordered 22 million BPEs to meet the demands of health workers. The government faced harsh criticism for failing to provide adequate contracts for essential workers.

In June, the ministry allowed the export of 500,000 BPE kits per month. In July, India exported 2,300,000 BPE kits to five countries.

The government allowed BPE exports amid industry demands as it began to produce surplus equipment.

The epidemic boosted garment sales by nearly 84% in the first quarter, and the BPE manufacturing industry was boosted by a severe labor shortage.

“According to CMAI [Clothing Manufacturers Association of India] A.C. According to Nielsen’s research, the total Indian market for clothing will reach Rs 6.5 lakh crore in 2019, ”CMAI chief executive Rahul Mehta told the Hindustan Times earlier. We estimate that by 2020 it will be 15% lower at Rs 5.85 lakh crore. However, in the April-June quarter, most brands and retailers will not reach more than 15-20% of their 2019 quarterly sales. ”