April 18, 2021

India launches 83 Tejas light combat aircraft at Rs. 45,696 crore

The Tejas Light Combat aircraft was developed, designed and manufactured in India

New Delhi:

The Cabinet Committee on Defense (CCS) headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday approved the purchase of 73 Tejas LCAs (light combat aircraft) and 10 training aircraft at a cost of Rs 45,700 crore.

The Tejas MK-1A LCA is a domestically designed and manufactured fourth-generation fighter with critical operational capabilities, including active electronic-scanned line (AESA) radar, an electronic combat (EW) suite and Air-to-air capacity refueling (AAR).

“The LCA Tejas will be the backbone of the (I) IAF warship in the coming years. The LCA-Tejas incorporates a number of new technologies, many of which have never been tried in India,” Defense Minister Rajnath Singh tweeted. He said the deal was “a game changer for Indian defense manufacturing (industry) self-confidence”.

Mr Singh said the agreement would “significantly expand the existing LCA ecosystem and help create new jobs” as well as transform the Indian aerospace industry.

“The LCA-Tejas project will act as a catalyst to transform the Indian space production ecosystem into a vibrant self-sustaining-self-sustaining ecosystem,” he wrote.

A statement issued on Wednesday evening said the 73 Tejas LCA fighter jet would become “a powerful base for meeting the operational requirements of the Indian Air Force”.

“This is the first ‘buy (Indo-Indigenously designed, manufactured and manufactured) type of fighter jet (reaching 60 per cent by the end of the project with 50 per cent domestic content),” the government statement said.

At today’s meeting, the Cabinet approved infrastructure development to repair or service aircraft at duty stations. The government has said it will reduce turning times for mission-complex systems and increase the availability of aircraft for operations.

In May last year, the Air Force commissioned its second manufactured Tejas fighter jets, delivering them to its 18th Regiment ‘Flying Bullets’ located at Sulur near Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. The battalion was equipped with a fourth generation Tejas MK-1A LCA aircraft.

The first battalion to receive home-made jets was the 45th in Coimbatore.

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