April 18, 2021

Indian leadership issues RCMP phone fraud warning, fraudster misidentifies as STARS

Indian leader RCMP on phone scam from people who falsely claim to be with Shock Shock Air Rescue Service (STARS)

A caller will claim to have won a prize, which is usually a vehicle or large sum of money, police counsel on Friday said.

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Corona virus: Stars fix, but definitely in Saskatchewan

Police said fraudsters are asking for a processing fee of a few hundred dollars in advance for Visa cards or gift cards to cover the shipping costs of the new vehicle.

If the real Stars organization calls about winning the prize, they will not ask for any extra money, the RCMP said.

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According to the advice, fraudsters seem to have hit the Wolsley, Saskatchewan area this week and are getting calls from 306-500-4612.

Wallsley is about 95 km from Regina.

Anyone with information is requested to contact 310-7267 or 1-800-222-8477 for immediate response.

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