March 1, 2021

Indian Railways Latest News | Will Indian Railways resume normal train service from February 1? Find out the truth here

Will Indian Railways resume normal train service from February 1? Find out the truth here & nbsp

New Delhi: Attention, Indian Railways passengers! There is a portrait that Indian Railways will resume normal train service from February 1, 2021.

As the number of Govt-19 cases in the country is declining, it is expected that the railways will resume train services like Govt times.

However, the government has officially refused to resume normal train services from February 01, calling the film making rounds on social media ‘fake news’.

Railway officials have repeatedly said that they are constantly monitoring the situation in the country and will resume normal train services after consultation with all the ministries involved in the government.

Recently, the Press Information Bureau (PIP) in its tweet denied the resumption of train services from February 01 and released fake news circulating on social media.

Earlier this month, the media reported that the railways was charging extra from passengers. The Ministry of Railways has said that these reports are false and not based on all facts. Launched the National Transporter Festival or holiday special trains to alleviate the extra urgency of passengers. According to the Ministry of Railways, the fare for such train services has been slightly higher since 2015. This is an established practice and nothing new has been done this year. According to the ministry, Indian Railways has always subsidized passenger train operations. National transporter causes loss to passenger travel.

Even during the COVID-19 epidemic, Indian Railways has been operating trains. In many respects, the National Transporter operates at low occupation and still operates in the public interest.

The number of trains is constantly increasing in a standardized manner. The Ministry of Railways has said that considering the full recovery of regular passenger train services in the pre-epidemic period, various factors and operating conditions should be considered.

The Railways stopped normal operations last March to prevent the spread of Govt-19 in the country.